Pension reform: Elisabeth Borne declares that postponement of age of departure at 64 “is no longer negotiable”

“It is necessary to ensure the balance of the system,” said the Prime Minister on Sunday morning on Franceinfo, concerning the central point of the bill whose examination must start in committee in the assembly on Monday.

mo12345lemonde with AFP

Elisabeth Borne is categorical. The Prime Minister does not intend to come back or discuss the postponement of the retirement age from 62 to 64 years, the central point of the government’s bill on the pension reform massively disputed by the unions and the essentials Oppositions.

“It is no longer negotiable, retirement at 64 and acceleration [of the lengthening of the contribution duration] of the Touraine reform”, said on Sunday January 29 on Franceinfo, the Prime Minister, On the eve of the start of the project examination in committee in the assembly.

“This is the compromise that we proposed after having heard the employers and union organizations, after having exchanged with the different parliamentary groups (…) it is necessary to ensure the balance of the system”, it adds.

“If we had only one parameter, then it would not be 43 years of subscription and 64 years to be able to retire, it could be 45 years of contribution duration, which seems impossible to Ask the French “, she pleads in this interview carried out on Saturday, on the sidelines of a trip in the constituency of Calvados of which she was elected deputy. 2>

possible discussions in the quarters of women

The government’s chief is open, on the other hand, to a discussion in Parliament on better use of the “education” and “maternity” quarters obtained by women during their careers.

“As of today, there are many women who cannot use them full, we are analyzing the situation of these women who (…) might not use them in full tomorrow”, Explain M me terminal.

The deputies seize Monday in committee of the highly contested pension reform project, for a trial gallop on 7,000 amendments, under the eye of the opponents who organize Tuesday a highlight of mobilization in the street, after that of January 19.

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