COVID-19: France extends health controls imposed on Chinese travelers

The French decision follows a warning from the Chinese authorities against the emergence of a new peak of contamination after the Lunar New Year, which has led to massive displacements of people, likely to spread the virus. p>

mo12345lemonde with AFP

Initially planned to last until January 31, the controls imposed in France on travelers from China were extended until February 15 “in view of health evolution”, we can read in a decree published at Official newspaper Saturday 28 January 28 .

Since the beginning of January, travelers over 11 years old from China and to France by plane must provide their departure for a negative test of less than forty-eight hours before boarding.

“These travelers will also have to undertake to submit to a random screening campaign when they arrive on the national territory and to isolate themselves in the event of a positive result”, specifies the initial text dated December 30, 2022. and Port of the mask for passengers over 6 years old on board flights is compulsory.

New peak of contamination

At the end of 2022-early 2023, several countries, including the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia and certain European states, had established the obligation of negative tests to the COVVI-19 for travelers from China, evoking fears linked to the explosion of the pandemic in this country of 1.4 billion inhabitants.

In China, the number of daily deaths linked to the COVVI-19 has dropped almost 80 % since the beginning of January, according to the authorities, the sign that the last wave of contamination that has struck the country since December 2022 begins to fade. But the authorities subsequently warned of the emergence of a new peak in contamination after the Lunar New Year, which took place on January 22, resulting in massive displacements of people, likely to spread the virus.

of analysts believe, however, that the figures of the deaths given by China represent only part of the real assessment, taking into account the close definition that Beijing has retained for the deaths attributed to the COVVI-19 and the infection of whole sections of the Chinese population, according to official estimates.

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