Staff strike at Berlin airport causes flights of 35,000 passengers

The Verdi union requires an increase in wages of 500 euros per month over twelve months for the 6,000 members of the assistance and safety staff.

MO12345lemonde with AFP

All flights at the start and arrival of Berlin-Brandeburg airport were canceled on Wednesday January 25 due to a ground staff strike, which judges the salary increases proposed by the management, have, have Announced the airport and staff representatives. About 300 take -ups and landings with nearly 35,000 passengers were initially planned for the day, recalled the airport on Monday, inviting the passengers concerned to contact their airline to find out the replacement solutions.

The Verdi union, which has appealed to the strike, requires an increase in wages of 500 euros per month over twelve months for the 6,000 members of assistance and security staff at Berlin airport. He believes that the current collective negotiations does not advance significantly and hopes by this warning strike to put pressure on management.

“The employer’s current proposals remain largely behind compared to the demands of employees, both in terms of increase and duration,” said the union with public television. Verdi table on the participation of 1,500 employees in the work stoppage of twenty-four hours. The flights will resume on Thursday morning, announced the airport.

The inflation records recorded in recent months in Germany, with a peak of 10.4 % in October 2022, set annual salary negotiations in the various sectors of activity in the country. The German postal service experienced a stop of several days last week, more than 15,000 employees who stopped work, also on the call of the Verdi union, which requires a 15 % increase in wages. In addition, employees of German industry had led a series of debraying in the fall in collective negotiations, which had concluded with an increase in wages of 8.5 % over two years.

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