Peru: Dina Boluarte, weakened, wishes to “restore dialogue” with demonstrators who claim

The demonstrations, which started in early December after the dismissal and the arrest of the left president Pedro Castillo, have already left forty-six dead.

MO12345lemonde with AFP

Tirelessly pushed to the exit door by demonstrators who claim her resignation, the Peruvian president, Dina Boluarte, called on Tuesday, January 24 to a “national truce”.

While the demonstrations claiming its departure, the dissolution of the Parliament as well as the creation of a constituent assembly do not weaken and have already left forty-six dead, the state chief said it wanted to “restore dialogue”, “Set an agenda for each region” and “develop” the country, during an intervention in front of the foreign press. “I will not tire of calling for dialogue, peace and unity,” she added, repeating almost word for a word, a sentence already pronounced on January 20 during a television intervention. “I do not intend to stay in power,” she said, saying that he wanted to respect the Constitution and withdraw in the elections that were put forward at 2024. “Would my resignation solve the crisis and the Violence? Who would assume the Presidency of the Republic? “, She interviewed.

Visibly moved, M Me boluarte also asked “sorry for the dead”. The troubles began on December 7 after the dismissal and arrest of the left president Pedro Castillo, accused of having tried a coup by wanting to dissolve the Parliament which was about to hunt it from power.

Former vice-president of Mr. Castillo, with whom she was elected on the same ticket in 2021, M Me boluarte stressed that she had Andean origins like him. “It arranged him to do this coup in order to victimize and move all this paramilitary apparatus and not respond to the prosecutor of acts of corruption of which he is accused. There is no victim here, Mr. Castillo: There is a country that bleeds because of your irresponsibility, “she launched.

The crisis is also a reflection of the enormous gap between the capital and the poor provinces which supported the Castillo president and considered his election as a revenge on what they see as the contempt of Lima. A large demonstration bringing together thousands of poor protesters from the Andean regions, was to take place in the afternoon in the Peruvian capital.

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