Adrien Quatennens excluded from left party

The deputy of rebellious France, condemned for domestic violence, had been suspended on September 20, 2022.

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Adrien Quatennens will not reintegrate the ranks of the Left Party (PG). The deputy, condemned in December for domestic violence and who resumed his parliamentary work in January, is excluded from the training founded by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and founding member of Insoumise France (LFI).

“The national executive secretariat of the PG decides to transform the suspension of Adrien Quatennens into exclusion”, announced the party in A press release , Tuesday, January 24. The North MP had been suspended since September 20, 2022 at the start of the case.

Left party press release concerning the status of Adrien Quatennens

– lepg (@parti on the left (PG))

The PG justified its decision by its “principles and its program fighting violence against women, and in the light of communication which reverses the burden of violence”. The party alludes to a television interview given in December where Adrien Quatennens details the circumstances of the slapped slap to his wife and the multiple texts he sent to him.

These facts earned him a sentence of four months suspended prison sentence by the Lille Criminal Court, as well as a suspension of the LFI deputies group until April. His interview also aroused the indignation of several “rebellious” executives, who claimed that the suspension decision for four months was reassessed. MP Alexis Corbière spoke of a “review clause” before his return programmed in the group.

Adrien Quatennens has already made his return to the National Assembly in mid-January, as not registered. Partners of the new Ecological and Social People’s Popular Union have estimated that it should be definitively excluded from LFI.

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