“We are determined to develop bilateral relations between Iraq and France”

The Iraqi government is more than ever convinced that Iraq must develop, regionally and internationally, relations based on a policy of cooperation and mutual interest, by adopting the idea of ​​a partnership with several countries of the world , especially with France.

Aware of the importance of relations between Baghdad and Paris, our government is determined to develop and engage in bilateral relations.

When Iraq was confronted with the dangers of terrorism and had to lead a fateful fight against the forces of evil on behalf of the region and the world, France was one of the first countries to offer its aid. French soldiers participated in the release of the Iraqi territories, in particular in Mosul. Our cooperation in the field of armaments, training and intelligence also shows that a long -term strategic partnership Unit Baghdad in Paris to ensure sustainable victory against terrorist forces and lasting stability in the region.

The desire that our country to strengthen its military and security cooperation with France is part of a desire to improve the combat capacities of its security forces by relying on the role of advice and training which is today that of the international coalition. We constantly review the role that the international coalition plays and the relationship we have with it in the light of the development of combat capacities of our armed forces.

attract totalnergies and alstom

Economic growth is also one of the main priorities of the Iraqi government. Our goal is to best use the many economic resources available to Iraq. Indeed, Iraq is the second largest oil producer in OPEC, and is one of the most important oil and gas reserves in the world. This potential should allow us to attract large companies like Totalenergies et alstom, and to welcome them so that they participate in projects such as the capture of gas associated with petroleum, the development of renewable energy production or the project of Metro that Baghdad needs to facilitate circulation in the capital, and which covers for us a very great importance.

Our government finally intends to constitute an essential engine of regional diplomacy, as evidenced by the Baghdad II conference, which was held recently, thanks to the support of President Macron, in the Jordanian capital, Amman. There, we wanted to insist on the fact that Iraq does not intend to use its territory to threaten its neighbors, but also rejects any violation of its sovereignty.

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