Available multimedia framework Gstreamer 1.22.0

After the year of development took place release gstreamer 1.22 , cross-platform set of components for creating a wide range of multimedia applications, from media-players and converters of audio/video files, to VOIP applications and streaming systems. GSTreamer code is distributed under the license lgplv2.1. Separately, the Up-Plugins-Base, GST-PLUGINS-HOOD, GST-PLUGINS-BAD, GST-PLUGINS-UGLY, as well as the GST-Libav and streaming server GST-RTSP-SERVER, are developing separately. At the API and ABI level, the new release is back compatible with a branch of 1.0. Binar assemblies soon will be prepared for Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows (it is recommended to use distribution packages in Linux).

Key improvements gstreamer 1.22:

  • Improved support for the coding format AV1. The possibility of using hardware acceleration of coding and decoding AV1 through the API VAAPI/VA, AMF, D3D11, NVCODEC, QSV and Intel MediaSDK. Added new RTP-cutters for AV1. Improved AV1 analysis in MP4, Matroska and WebM containers. The assemblies include elements with AV1 encoders and decoders based on libraries DAV1D and RAV1E.
  • Contributed QT6. Added an element QML6GLSINK using QT6 to draw a video inside the QML scene.
  • Added elements GTK4PaintableSink and GTKWaylandSink for drawing using GTK4 and Wayland.
  • added new customers for adaptive streaming supporting the HLS, Dash and MSS (Microsoft Smooth Streaming).
  • Provides the possibility of creating cut -off assemblies optimized to reduce size.
  • Added support for WebRTC simulcast and Google Conteration Control.
  • Provided a simple and self -sufficient plugin for sending via Webrtc.
  • Added a new MP4 media context package with support for fragmented and non -fragmented data.
  • Added new plugins for Amazon AWS storage and sound transcription services.
  • Updated bindings for Rust. Added 19 new plugins, effects and elements written on Rust ( gst-plugins -rs ). It is noted that 33% of the changes in the new Gstreamer are implemented on Rust (the changes relate to the bindings and plugins), and the set of gst-plugins -rs plugins is one and the most actively developed Gstreamer modules. The plugins written in the Rust language can be used in programs in any languages ​​and working with them is similar to the use of plugins on C and C ++.
  • Supply of plugins on Rust as part of official binary packages for Windows and MacOS platforms (assembly and delivery is supported for Linux, Windows and MacOS).
  • A media server based on WEBRTC, which supports WIP (WebRTC HTTP INGEST) and WEBRTC HTTP EGRESS, is implemented.
  • Added an element of Videocolorscale, combining the possibilities for converting and scaling videos.
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