GDB Debugger Version 15 Released

The latest version of the device debugging system DECRIENT, GDB 15.1, has been released, marking the debut of the 15.x series. GDB provides debugging capabilities at the source code level for a wide array of programming languages such as ADA, C, C++, D, Fortran, Go, Objective-C, Modula-2, Pascal, and Rust, among others. It supports various hardware architectures including i386, AMD64, ARM, Power, SPARC, and RISC-V, on different software platforms like GNU/Linux, *BSD, UNIX, Windows, and MacOS.

Key improvements in the latest release include:

  • Assembling GDB and GDBSERVER now requires a compiler supporting C++ 17 (at least GCC 9).
  • Enhancements to the Python API with added functions, classes, and attributes.
  • Implementation of the Debugger Adapter Protocol (DAP) with new commands and support for managing debug logs.
  • Remote debugging control enhancements with new packages and commands.
  • Updates to GDBSERVER including deprecated options and commands in favor of new debugging components.
  • Main function index improvements for quicker launches with large files.
  • Addition of new commands like “Set/Show Direct-Call-Timeout” and “Set/Show Indirect-Chain-Timeout.”
  • Optimization of storage for empty areas in core files generated by “Gcore” and “Generate-Core-File” commands.
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