Disputed Changes in Firefox 127

The latest Firefox update, released on June 11, introduced several changes aimed at enhancing the user experience. These changes included features such as automatic browser reloading upon operating system restart, closing duplicate tabs, and increased authentication for accessing saved passwords. However, one unmentioned change in the release notes has sparked dissatisfaction among users.

Previously, Firefox had an option called browser.privateWindowSeparation.enabled, which allowed users to separate icons on the taskbar for regular and private windows in Firefox versions up to 106. However, in version 127, this option was removed, leading to outcry on Mozilla and Reddit forums. Users were previously able to combine icons using this option in ABOUT: Config, but now this functionality has been eliminated.

Mozilla has addressed the backlash by announcing that this feature will be reinstated as an option in Firefox 128. Additionally, users who have a master password set up may face inconvenience as the browser now prompts for the password upon restart, with the dialogue box potentially not appearing in the forefront, causing users to lose their session if they miss it.

Furthermore, Firefox users on Apple iOS are encountering issues where closing the main browser window also shuts down all tabs in a private session. The option to default to opening the browser in private browsing mode has also been removed.

These recent changes have raised concerns among users who rely on Firefox for privacy and ease of use. Despite these challenges, Firefox remains a preferred choice for many advanced users, although it is crucial for Mozilla management to prioritize addressing the needs of its user base.

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