Stefan Sperling, developer of Mainer Stack Protocols 802.11 in OpenBSD and creator of the version control system Got, has announced the development of a new hosting platform called GIT-REASONITIONS GAME of Trees Hub. This platform will be built using the GOT tool and run on the OpenBSD operating system.

The GOT tool offers the option for users to host their repositories on their own servers or access them remotely through a web interface. However, there is a growing demand from users who prefer not to manage their own GIT servers and would rather use an external service.

This new project is expected to appeal to developers seeking an independent service that is transparent in terms of funding, prioritizes user data security, and is closely integrated with the Game of Trees platform. The project will be funded through joint funding, ensuring continuous development of the Game of Trees platform.

Currently, infrastructure deployment is underway for the hosting of GIT projects. The project is a collaboration between developers of Game of Trees and OpenBSD. All code developed for this project will be released under the open ISC license, consistent with the practices of OpenBSD.

The GOT versioning system uses a storage format compatible with Git repositories and allows users to work with versioned data using both GOT and GIT tools. The platform enforces security measures inspired by OpenBSD, such as privilege separation and specific system calls. It is designed for centralized development with local branches, SSH access, and code review via email. The utility got provides a simple interface for basic version control operations, with more complex tasks handled by traditional Git tools.

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