A new version of the GCC 12 compilers, known as stable in 2022, was released on June 20. GCC 12.4 was introduced to address numerous errors that had accumulated in the GCC 12 branch over the past year. Over 84 errors identified and corrected in the last thirteen months were fixed in this latest release.

Information from the mailing list revealed that GCC 12.4 focuses on fixing errors and regressions identified in the previous version, GCC 12.3. While a detailed changelog is not provided, specific changes can be reviewed by examining the GCC-12 branch through Git. Notably, this version includes minor optimizations for the Zen 4 architecture, but patches for future processors like Zen 5 (Znver5) are not part of this release.

Users requiring support for these patches are advised to upgrade to newer compiler versions, such as the latest stable release of GCC 14.1. The new version of the compiler can be downloaded from FTP servers using the following links:

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