Distribution Tails 6.4 Released

The latest version of Tails, known as Tails 6.4 (The Amnesic Incognito Live System), has been released. This specialized distribution is based on the Debian 12 package base and features the GNOME 43 desktop. Tails is designed for anonymous internet browsing, with access to the network provided through the Tor system. By default, all connections not routed through the Tor network are blocked using a packet filter. User data is encrypted for storage between sessions. The ISO image for Tails 6.4, which can be run in live mode, is 1 GB in size. To download the ISO, please visit this link.

In this new version, a random seed-significance method is used to initialize the entropy pool for the pseudo-random number generator. This is stored on a USB drive in free sectors outside of the Tails permanent storage. This method helps generate high-quality random numbers for cryptographic needs, especially when sufficient sources of entropy are not available during the early stage of loading. This random seed can also improve the generation of random numbers and reduce delays in accumulating entropy. For more information about random seeds, you can visit this link.

Furthermore, Tails 6.4 has transitioned to using HTTPS addresses instead of ONONIA addresses to contact Debian and Tails APT repositories. This change enhances the reliability of automatic installations of user-selected additional programs (Additional Software) during Tails launches. Issues with unlocking the storage area for persistent user data storage (Persistent Storage) have been resolved. The built-in PDF reader, which was disabled in the previous version, has been restored. Additionally, the latest versions of Tor Browser (13.0.16), Tor (, and Thunderbird (115.12.0) have been included in this update.

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