New Operating Table KDE PLSAMA 6.1 Released

After three and a half months of development, KDE has officially published the release of the desktop KDE Plasma 6.1. To evaluate the work and new features of KDE Plasma 6.1, users can use assemblies from projects such as KDE Neon and Opensuse.

The main changes in KDE Plasma 6.1 include:

  • In the composite manager Kwin, support for triple buffering has been implemented. This allows for smoother rendering and animation by using three screen buffers.
  • Support for the technology explicit sync has been added, which allows applications to inform the composite manager about the readiness to display frames on the screen, reducing delays and graphical artifacts.
  • The support of the portal xdg-desktop-portal input capture has been added for organizing input from isolated applications.
  • In Kwin, the method of determining the active screen for new windows has changed to the screen with the last user interaction, such as mouse movement or keyboard input focus.
  • An integrated component for remote access to the desktop using the RDP protocol has been added, along with a configurator page for setting up remote access.
  • A new desktop editing interface has been proposed, allowing users to configure the placement of panels and control widgets.
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