MS Edge Tweaker: Manage Browser

Information Security Researcher and developer Bob Ponya presented on github an open script ms edge tweaker , which allows you to disconnect unnecessary functions in the Microsoft Edge browser.

MS Edge Tweaker automates some Edge policy to enable or disable functions that most users are not needed at all.

“This is a simple package script that will make Microsoft Edge better for you, providing you with such opportunities as disconnecting the first launch or the need to enter the Microsoft account” – explained Pony.

The first version of the script allows you to disable:

  • Initial interface and screen-outing
  • data import from other browsers
  • entrance to the browser and synchronization services
  • collections
  • function Side panel
  • Assistant for purchases
  • Advertising links on a new tab
  • an insider banner on the page “On the Program”

The developer plans to add more options and the ability to disconnect more large-scale policies in future updates.

It is important to note: the use of a policy for setting Edge leads to the appearance of a banner that the browser is under the control of the administrator.

It is impossible to cancel the changes using the script. Experienced users can do it manually by editing the registry record.

For working with a script:

  1. Download MS Edge Tweaker with Github.
  2. Screw files into a convenient folder.
  3. Launch msedgetWeaker.cmd with administrator rights.
  4. Select the necessary functions from the list Available politicians.

Use third-party scripts with caution and have a backup copy of the system.

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