ICEWM Window Manager 3.6.0 Released

ICEWM, a lightweight window manager, has recently released version 3.6.0, now available for download. ICEWM offers users full control through keyboard combinations, virtual desktop support, task and menu panels, and the ability to group windows using tabs. The window manager can be easily configured through a simple configuration file, with the option to use themes. It supports tabbed window combinations and includes built-in applets for monitoring CPU, memory, and traffic. Additionally, there are third-party GUI tools available for desktop and menu editing. The code for ICEWM is written in C++ and is licensed under GPL Version 2. For more information, visit the official website .

The latest version of ICEWM includes several new features:

  • Ability to open the entire screen from a selected side of the window with a double click on the window border, with a repeat double click returning the window to its previous state.
  • Support for entering combined symbols using compose-sequence in the address line.
  • Ignoring duplicate requests from Gnome to change window size or position.
  • Ability to move windows by dragging with the right mouse button.
  • Added protection against creating incorrect working areas.
  • Refined translations for Kazakh and Georgian languages.
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