Christian Schaller, heading Fedora Desktop Team and the development group of desktop systems in Red Hat, spoke about some opportunities that are planned to add to the next issue of Fedora workstation:

  • Planning to include the instrumentation instructlab , which makes it possible to quickly install a large language model Granite , opened by IBM under the Apache 2.0 license, covering 7 billion parameters and capable of taking into account the text of up to 4 thousand tokens. In addition to working with a finished model
    Instructlab provides means to add additional knowledge to the model and the implementation of new skills that may be required to solve specific problems.

    In addition, Fedora plan to expand the possibilities that can be used using other models, for example, work is underway to add to the package With the Pytorch library ROCM stack support for hardware acceleration at the GPU AMD. Of the more distant plans, it is noted to ensure in the standard package with Pytorch the possibility of using hardware acceleration from the box on systems with GPU AMD, NVIDIA and Intel.

  • To simplify the use of GPU NVIDIA for graphics and machine learning at GNOME Software, they plan to upgrade the possibility of quickly installing NVIDIA proprietary drivers. In the recent release of Fedora, the option for installing such drivers was deleted, since the default configuration, which uses the download in Secure Boot mode, was complicated by the need to manually add a digital signature for loaded drivers using utilities from the Mokutils bag. Fedora 41 plan to return the possibility of installing
    NVIDIA Proprietary drivers at Gnome Software and Implement Graphics for creating and preserving in MOK (Machine Owner key) digital signature for the nucleus module from NVIDIA.

  • work on integrating support of NVIDIA drivers Toolbx , which allows you to launch additional isolated environment for the installation of experimental packages without affecting the main system or to create environment based on other distributions. Change will allow the use of the official cdi-module
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