PRC Military Books Found in Trash: Two Soldiers Case

In China, a pensioner named Zhang, an avid book collector, recently stumbled upon a surprising discovery. While purchasing four books at a waste paper reception point, Zhang unknowingly acquired secret military documents.

Upon returning home, Zhang realized that the books he bought actually contained confidential military information marked with “Private” and “Secret” stamps.

Suspecting something was amiss, Zhang promptly contacted the local branch of the Ministry of State Security and handed over the compromising materials. Authorities quickly responded, seizing the secret documents and interrogating those responsible at the waste paper reception point.

An investigation revealed the involvement of two military personnel and an individual named Li, who had access to classified information, in leaking the documents. Their motive was revealed to be sheer laziness, opting to dispose of confidential documents improperly by selling them to the reception point.

The weight of the sold secret materials, comprising approximately 200 documents, exceeded 30 kilograms. Despite the valuable nature of the cargo, the individuals involved only received a meager sum of 0.8 yuan per kilogram, amounting to a total revenue of around 20 yuan (approximately $2.75).

Thanks to the vigilance of pensioner Zhang, serious consequences were averted. The Ministry of State Security acted swiftly to halt the dissemination of the secret documents and took appropriate measures against those responsible.

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