After seven years of development, a professional company of the Institute of Engineers of Electrical Engineering and Electronics (IEEE Computer Society) and the Consortium Open Group approved a new version of the standard posix 1003.1-2024, aimed at ensuring the tolerance of programs between UNIX-like systems. The standard defines software interfaces between operating systems and application programs, and covers a set of library functions, the capabilities of the command interpreter and utility.

The text of the standard is so far available only in PDF format for paid customers, educational institutions and users with an account on the IEEE website. In the near future, the text of the standard will be published publicly on the website Open Group (so far only Posix 1003.1-2017 is publicly available, which was released in 2017).

From changes in Posix 1003.1-2024, in addition to correcting errors, you can note READLINK and REALPATH utility, the appearance of FIND options “-print0” and “-iname”, adding in the Xargs options “-0” (the use of a zero symbol as a divider, for example, formed through Find -print0), in Read -options -d (division), in the SED option “-E” (expanded regular expressions), in SET – options “-o pipefail“.

For programs in the C language, support for the constant SIGWINCH has been added, functions tcgetwinsize (determining the size of the terminal window), gettext (organization of multilingual interfaces), asprintf (formats a string and allocates a buffer taking into account the output size), strlcpy and strlcat (analogues of strncpy and strncat, containing protection against buffer overflow and exhibiting a zero byte closing line) added support for the C

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