Issue Wine 9.11

The experimental release of the open implementation of Win32 API – Wine 9.11 took place. Since the release of version 9.10, 27 error reports were closed and 251 changes were made.

The most significant changes include:

  • Support for processing exceptions on ARM platforms in the MSVCRT library for C++.
  • Continued improvement of DPI AWARENESS mode support for displaying applications on high pixel density screens, allowing applications to adapt to changes in DPI.
  • Update of fadio components with DirectX sound library implementations (API XAUDIO2, X3DADIO, XAPO, and ORACT3) until 24.06.
  • Implementation of keyboard auto-repeat support in Win32U.
  • Closure of errors related to applications such as Cygwin Shell, Winobj 3.01, DTS Encoder Suite, Clanbomber 1.05, Steam, Physx, Cdmage 1.01.5, Comicrackke, Moku.exe, Nomad Factory.
  • Closure of errors related to game performance in titles like Settlers 4 Gold, Ghost Recon, The Long Dark, The Room 4: Old Sins, Saint Kotar, Overwatch 2, Aimbeast, Genshin Impact, Empire Earth Gold, Hard West 2, Postal 2 (20th Anniversary Update).
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