Beware: Cybercriminals Target Scooter Rentals

Experts from F.A.C.T have uncovered 25 resources that are facilitating the circumvention of Kikshering services rules. These resources include social network groups, channels, and messenger bots where users offer various illegal methods to use electric scooters.

Attackers are luring users with tempting offers such as purchasing accounts with loyalty points, discount codes, assistance with new accounts, access to a supposed official Kikshering app for unlimited rides, and even instructions for mass account registration. The prices for these services range from 20 to 2,000 rubles.

The potential buyers of these offers are not limited to minors or users who have been blocked for rule violations. There are also individuals who are simply looking to save money on trips.

However, F.A.C.T has issued a warning about the serious consequences of using such services, including fines and being blocked by Kikshering services, personal data leaks, viruses, loss of money, and even criminal liability if stolen accounts are used.

  • fines and blocking by kikshering services.
  • personal data leakage, viruses, and loss of money.
  • Criminal liability if stolen accounts are used.

While the company acknowledges that the sale of bonuses and other offers could be legitimate, they stress that transactions are conducted through messengers, thus providing no guarantees against potential deception of buyers.

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