WINE Project Releases VKD3D 1.12

WineHQ Releases vkd3d 1.12 Implementing Direct3D 12 with Vulkan API

WineHQ has published the release of vkd3d 1.12, a package that implements Direct3D 12 through call broadcasting to the Vulkan graphic API. The package includes libraries such as LibVKD3D with Direct3D 12, LibVKD3D-SHADER translators supporting shader models 4 and 5, and LIBVKD3D-UTILS with various demonstration examples, including the GLXGEARS port on Direct3D 12. The project’s code is distributed under the lgplv2.1 license.

The Libvkd3d library supports most capabilities of Direct3D 12, including graphics and compute pipelines, command queues and command lists, descriptors and descriptor heaps, root signatures, unordered access views, samplers, command signatures, root constants, indirect rendering, and methods like Clear*() and Copy*(). The LibVKD3D-SHADER library translates shader models into an intermediate SPIR-V representation, supporting various types of shaders and operations.

Updates in the New Version:
  • The HLSL compiler now allows direct compilation to assembler code of Direct3D shaders and supports shader profiles 1, 2, and 3.
  • New built-in functions like Cosh(), Determinant(), Refract(), Sinh(), and Tanh() have been added for HLSL.
  • LIBVKD3D now supports additional DXGI_FORMAT types if compatible with the Vulkan API.
  • Support for ID3D12SHADERCACHESESSION and ID3D12DEVICE9 interfaces has been included, along with added methods to ID3D12DEVICE8 interface.
  • Verification queries for various D3D12 feature options have been implemented.
  • LibVKD3D-SHADER now offers experimental support for most methods and instructions of the DirectX Intermediate Language (DXIL) for the 6-core model Direct3D.
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