Microsoft Develops GUI for WSL, Layers for Launching Linux Apps in Windows

Microsoft is developing a graphic configurator for WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) to simplify the setup process and control various parameters without manual editing of the “.wslconfig” file. The configurator will streamline WSL settings and provide a user-friendly interface.

The main issue with “.wslconfig” is the confusion around available settings and their values. The graphic configurator will categorize all settings and indicate the feasibility of each parameter based on the current system. Users will still have the option to configure settings through the .wslconfig file or the graphical interface.

WSL Settings Screenshot

Additionally, some experimental settings are now included by default in WSL. These include “AutoMemoryReClaim = Dropcache” for automatic memory reallocation and “DNSTunneling = TRUE” for DNS tunneling in Windows 11.

New experimental capabilities introduced in WSL include the “WSL –manage-SPARSE” option for automatic disk space reclamation and the “NetworkingMode = Mirrined” parameter for IPV6 network support.

In Microsoft Defender, a plugin for WSL has been added to enable monitoring of the WSL environment using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. An agent integration in WSL allows for management via Intune. Future plans involve using Dev Home for managing and launching WSL instances.

WSL Events Screenshot

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