Initial Code for Fuchsia OS Added to MESA

Google has proposed the inclusion of initial assembly support in the operating system mesa.fuchsia. Changes have been suggested in the auxiliary libraries Mesa (SRC/Util), such as adding Fuchsia support to functions like work over time, dynamic loading of libraries, operating system definitions, and work with streams.

The Mesa components are utilized in Fuchsia in Lavapipe (LVP), a program with Vulkan API implementation, and the code generator gfxstream (Graphics Streaming Kit), which redirects graphic API calls in the Vulkan virtualization platform. Google plans to gradually integrate the accumulated changes into the main Mesa composition for easier support. Eventually, all the Vulkan Driver source code for gfxstream will be transferred to the main composition, allowing access to the Vulkan API from guest systems like Linux, Android, and Fuchsia.

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