AROS ONE 2.5 Released

AROS project has recently published Issue aros one 2.5, continuing the development of the AROS operating system which allows users to run a desktop environment in the style of AmigaOS. The distribution includes an ISO image prepared for installation on X86 systems as well as the option to boot the environment from a USB drive. AROS has been in development since 1995 and is distributed under the open license of the AROS PUBLIC License, based on the Mozilla Public License 1.1.

The AROS project is compatible with AmigaOS 3.1 at the API level, allowing for the launch of applications created for AmigaOS (after cross-regulation for AROS). It provides a TCP/IP stack, sound subsystem, and tools for developing graphic applications. AROS also features a user-friendly graphic interface in the style of AmigaOS and develops additional functionality to enhance the capabilities of AmigaOS. AROS ONE is a distribution designed for modern hardware, featuring the customs of the AROS operating system and a variety of user applications.

Key changes in the new version of AROS include:

  • A new SIBLOTEK synchronized with the 64-bit OS.
  • Compatibility with Windows Subsystem for Linux, enabling the use of Linux applications in Windows when running AROS on top of Linux.
  • Replacement of the default mouse cursor image.
  • Enhanced functionality and reduced boot time for the boot menu.
  • Support for deleting files and directories by pressing the Del key in the file manager and desktop Wanderer.
  • Addition of SMB2-START script for organizing shared access to files over the network.
  • Updated versions of applications including emulators, graphics libraries, browsers, system cleaning tools, and various games.

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