Parrot 6.1 Distribution Launches Security Verification Programs

Parrot Security has released version 6.1, which is based on the DEBIAN 12 package base and comes packed with a range of tools for system security checks, forensic analysis, and reverse engineering. The download options include several ISO images featuring the MATE environment tailored for everyday use, security testing, installation on RASPBERRY Pi boards, and creating specialized installations, such as for cloud environments. Moreover, virtual machine images are available for AMD64 and Apple Silicon (M1 and M2) architectures.

The Parrot distribution is designed as a portable laboratory environment catering to security experts and forensics professionals, with a focus on cloud system and Internet-of-Things (IoT) device security checks. The toolset includes cryptographic utilities and security programs for network anonymity, such as TOR, I2P, Anonsurf, GPG, TCCF, Zulucrypt, VeraCrypt, TrueCrypt, and Luks.

In the latest release of Parrot 6.1, several updates and enhancements have been introduced:

  • The anonsurf tool has been updated to version 4.2, enabling traffic routing through the Tor network.
  • The Parrot-updater package has been reinstated to facilitate tracking and installation of distribution updates.
  • Updated versions of essential software components, such as Bind9, Chromium, Firefox, Webkit, Golang 1.21, Grub 2.12, Glibc, Pipewire 1.0.5, LibreOffice 24.2, OpenJDK, PHP8, and Ruby 3.1 have been included.
  • Enhanced specialized tools in this release include updates to security testing tools like Burp Suite 2024.2.1.3 and Zaproxy 2.14, as well as tools for database management system attacks like Sqlmap 1.8.3 and vulnerability analysis platforms like
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