Survey Reveals Developers’ Language Preferences

Slashdata, specializing in developers surveys, published a report with results and assessments of the demand for programming and predicting the size of communities associated with programming languages. The largest community, with 25.2 million participants, was formed around the JavaScript language. In second place (18.2 million) – a community using Python, in the third (17.7 million) – Java. The C ++ language takes the fourth place (11.6 million), and C – the eighth (6.5 million).

The RUST developers community is estimated at 4 million developers, while this community has been recognized as the fastest growing – over the past year the number of participants in it increased by 30%, and doubled in two years (in the 1st quarter of 2022, the size of the community for the Rust language was estimated at 2 million developers). One of the possible causes of growth mentions the ardent enthusiasm of community members who actively preach the strengths of Rust, such as means for safe work with memory and the possibility of creating high-performance applications.

Noticeable growth is also noted in the JavaScript community, the size of which over the year increased by 17%, which in absolute indicators corresponds to 4 million developers. At the same time, the marked growth rate approximately corresponds to a total increase in the number of developers in the world.

It is also interesting that during a survey, developers with experience of less than three years in a smaller number of cases noted JavaScript than developers with experience from three years

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