In a study conducted by LANSWEEPER company, which coincided with the upcoming end of the CENTOS 7 escort cycle on June 30, distributions used by 200 thousand scanned Linux systems were analyzed. According to the findings, Ubuntu emerged as the most popular distribution with a share of 32.24%, followed by Centos at 26.05%, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux at 20.11%. Debian accounted for 7.05% of the total, while Fedora Linux held a share of 2.5%.

Raspberry Pi boards showed a considerable presence with the distribution of Rasbian at 4.35%. Rocky Linux was reported to be used by 1.34% of systems, whereas Oracle Linux accounted for 3.87%. SUSE Linux Enterprise had a share of 1.25%, while Opensuse lagged behind at 0.07%. Linux Mint was installed on 0.69% of systems, and Astra Linux was found on 0.02%. Interestingly, the study also highlighted FreeBSD OS at 0.46%.

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