The US Department of Justice has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Live Nation and its subsidiary TicketMaster.

The lawsuit is based on the allegation that the company holds a monopoly not only in ticket sales but also in concert venue management, artist booking, and concert promotion. This monopoly has led to issues for consumers, such as high ticket prices, difficulties in obtaining tickets, and close ties with ticket brokers.

The lawsuit provides a detailed account of how the vertical integration of Live National impacts all aspects of the live music industry in the United States. Live Nation, which owns Ticketmaster, controls a large portion of concert venues, pavilions, and amphitheaters. The company also handles concert promotion and artist representation, leading to many artists working with Live National promoters.

For most artists, it is nearly impossible to tour in the United States without involving Live Nation or Ticketmaster, giving the company significant influence over artists’ earnings, ticket prices, and concert locations. Independent groups face challenges when trying to book Live National sites, and venues that opt out of Ticketmaster agreements encounter obstacles.

All stakeholders are pushed towards using Live Nation promoters and Ticketmaster platforms for ticket purchases due to limited competition, resulting in fewer negotiation opportunities for artists and venues, according to the lawsuit.

The dominance of Live Nation and TicketMaster has resulted in a lack of competition within the live music industry, causing harm to artists, venues, and fans. The claim states that “one monopolist holds a stranglehold over nearly the entire live music industry in America today: Live Nation, including its subsidiary TicketMaster.”

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