Mobifree Initiative to Build Open Mobile Apps Ecosystem

European Commission, F-Droid Free Applications Catalog, E Foundation, which develops the mobile platform/E/OS, and the Microg project, developing open analogues of Proprietary components and services of Google, combined efforts in promoting the initiative mobifree , aimed at creating an ecosystem of open mobile applications For Android and stimulating the development of such programs. To develop the project by the European Commission highlighted grant, the size of 5 million euros.

The project was created in response to a one -sided development of the current mobile ecosystem, which is dominated by large companies and proprietary applications, closed standards and technologies for users data used to monopolize the market and binding users to separate proprietary solutions prevail. The European Commission is interested in financing and promoting the initiative in the framework of the program for ensuring digital sovereignty. The initiative will also allow to support the development of key European innovators involved in the development of mobile technologies, provide more freedom of choice to citizens and organizations, create new opportunities for an ethical and oriented business that develops open software.

Among the values ​​declared in mobifree:

  • respect for user digital rights, such as confidentiality and freedom of speech;
  • High quality software;
  • honest competition (ensuring tolerance, compatibility and support of open standards);
  • taking into account the opinions of employees in decision -making;
  • inclusiveness (the availability of software for all categories of users, regardless of the state of health, well -being and experience);
  • open code, open standards and open data sources;
  • Conducting attitude to the environment, the use of renewable energy sources and providing a long -term use of use.

Mobifree initiative is aimed at developing mobile technologies built on open standards and data formats that meet the principles of open software development and ensure the confidentiality of the user information. Of the areas that will develop an initiative at this stage, an open OS based on Android, independent applications catalogs, messages for reporting, cartographic applications and response systems in the case of natural disasters and emergency situations are noted.

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