Rhino Linux 2024.1 Distribution Release

The latest release of the distribution Rhino Linux 2024.1 has been presented, implementing the Ubuntu version with continuous updates for the access to the latest program versions. New versions are primarily sourced from Devel Veettu Ubuntu repositories, synchronized with Debian Sid and Unstable for assembling packages with new application versions. Desktop components, Linux kernel, loading screensavers, design themes, Firefox browser, and project utilities are distributed through a separate repository called pacstall.

Installation images for x86_64 (2.3 GB) and ARM64 (2.2 GB) architectures, as well as for ARM, PINETAB2, PINEPHONE, PINEPHONE PRO, and RASPBERRY PI are available for loading in Live-mode.

Package management is facilitated through the Rhino-PKG (RPK) manager, which acts as a binding over APT, Pacstall, Flatpak, and Snap package managers, enabling standard operations like installing, removing, updating, and searching for packages. The distribution is built using Livebuild tools from the Debian project, with modifications borrowed from VanillaOS, and utilizes the Calamares installer.

The graphical interface is based on the custom user environment Unicorn, a refined version of xfce with a lightweight feel similar to GNOME. Unicorn combines modern design with a traditional desktop approach, utilizing Plank Dock for the side panel and the XFCE standard panel for the top panel. App Grid mode, based on Lightpad, is employed for navigating installed applications.

Navigation across open windows and virtual desktops is facilitated by xfdashboard, offering an interface resembling Gnome Shell and Macos Expose. Quick application launching is supported by Ulauncher, providing a search line for launching commands, exploring directories, searching for programs and files. The project is also working on a system information and update viewer, a file-sharing application derived from

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