Indonesian President Bans New Gov Apps

Indonesia President Joko Vidodo last Monday, May 27, instructed government officials to stop developing new applications for government needs. This decision is associated with an excessive number of existing software used by the central and regional authorities.

According to Vidodo, the number of unique applications for the government has already exceeded 27 thousand copies. Many of these applications are duplicated and not integrated with each other, which creates confusion and complicates bureaucratic processes.

The President noted that new platforms are often developed when taking office of new ministers, governors or officials. One of the ministries, for example, controls over 500 various applications. Such fragmented software is not only confusing, but also expensive, since it must also be supported.

According to public data, this year alone, the Indonesia government requested about 6.2 trillion rupees (386.3 million dollars) to develop new applications.

“Bureaucracy should make life easier, and not complicate it and not slow down the processes,” the president said, emphasizing the need for effective integration of both applications and data. He also noted that there will be no more excuses for the dispersion of data between ministries, institutions and regional authorities.

All these statements were made at the launch ceremony of Ina Digital – a single integrated platform for public services, which should help solve the problem of the endless growth of various small platforms. Ina digital is expected to begin its work in September.

Ina Digital is a project controlled by the initiative of GOVTECH and aimed at the integration of national digital services in Indonesia.

Initially, the platform will focus on nine key areas: healthcare, education, social assistance, digital identity based on the population about the population, the One Data Indonesia services, financial transactions, the integration of portal services, public services and online driving licenses.

The ultimate goal of the project is to offer citizens the opportunity to enter the system of public services through a single portal using a single login, while all agencies will have access to a single set of personal data of users.

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