KAOS 2024.05 Out Now

Published Issue kaos 2024.05, a distribution with a continuous update model aimed at providing a desktop based on fresh KDE issues and applications using QT. The distribution features a vertical panel placed on the right side of the screen and is developed with a focus on Arch Linux while maintaining its own independent repository with over 1,500 packages. Additionally, it offers various graphic utilities and uses XFS as the default file system. Assemblies are published for systems x86_64 (3.4 GB).

Features of kaos:

  • On systems with UEFI, Systemd-boot-boot is used for loading.
  • An ISOWRITER interface is provided for recording ISO files on USB disks, which includes checking the correctness of recorded images.
  • The default package includes Libreoffice assembled with VCL-plugins KF5 and QT5, enabling the use of native KDE and QT dialogs, buttons, framing windows, and widgets.
  • A Croeso system interface is offered for configuring system settings after installation, installing applications, and viewing information about the distribution and system.
  • The XFS file system with inclined integrity check (CRC) and a separate BTREE index of free Inode (Finobt) is used by default.
  • Verification of loaded ISO files based on digital signatures is available.
  • The display manager of the SDDM 0.20.0 enables launch options in Wayland mode, with the possibility to use the Kwin_Wayland composite manager.
  • The installer Calamares allows for automatic disk section breakdown with a choice of file systems (XFS, Ext4, BTRFS, and ZFS) without manual intervention.

In the new version:

  • Desktop components are updated to QT 6.7.1, KDE Plasma 6.0.5, KDE Frameworks 6.2.0 libraries, and KDE Gear 24.05 application collection.
  • Support for the Bcachefs file system has been added, with utilities available in the repository through the Bcachefs-Tools package. KDE Partition Manager can be used to partition sections with Bcachefs.
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