ARMbian 24.5 Released for Single-Pay Computers

The latest release of the Linux-Distribution Armbian 24.5 has been announced, offering a compact systemic environment for various one-pay computers with processors based on architectures ARM, RISC-V, and X86. This includes models of Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Orange Pi, Banana Pi, Helios64, Pine64, Nanopi, and Cubieboard based on processors from various manufacturers such as Allwinner, Amlogic, and more.

Armbian uses the DEBIAN and UBUNTU package bases but is completely re-architected using its own assembly system with optimizations to reduce size, increase productivity, and enhance protection mechanisms. For instance, the /Var/log section is mounted using ZRAM and stored in compressed form, with data being dumped to the drive daily or at the end of work. The /TMP section is mounted using TMPFS.

The project supports over 30 options for the Linux kernel across different ARM and ARM64 platforms. An SDK is provided to simplify the creation of systemic images, packages, and distributions. ZSWAP is used for memory management, and two-factor authentication is available for SSH access. Armbian also comes with the BOX64 emulator for running programs designed for X86 architecture processors. Users can choose from various desktop environments like KDE, GNOME, BUDGIE, and more.

Features of the release include:

  • Updated framework for building Armbian assemblies based on Debian and Ubuntu with support for Ubuntu 24.04.
  • Added support for new single-board computers like Orange Pi 5 Pro, Radxa Zero 3, and more.
  • Enhanced support for existing devices like Khadas and Odroid models.
  • Inclusion of KDE packages in the Ubuntu 22.04 based assembly.
  • Updated Linux kernel to version 6.8 for specific boards.
  • Added Linux 6.1 kernel for certain models like Bananapi M7 and Radxa Rock 5C.
  • New command-line tools for board management and kernel operations.
  • Enabled NVME-OVER-TCP for specific devices like RK35XX and RK3588.
  • Introduction of
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