After two years of development, the first issue of the project Conversations Classic (2.2) has been published. This project is a fork of the XMPP client Conversations and supports features such as encryption, transmission of images and files, sound and video calls, voice messages, conferences, indication of read messages, synchronization with desktop systems, integration with an address book, and linking several chat records. The project code is written in Java and is subject to the license GPLv3.

The fork was created due to radical changes in the interface of the original Conversations application, which was redesigned using “Material 2.0” design concepts. Additionally, the fork was a response to the author of Conversations’ handling of error messages and pool reviews. The main goal of the Conversations Classic project is to create a modern and user-friendly free Jabber client for all platforms, with support for encryption, synchronized messaging between trusted users, and encrypted voice and video calls.

Various changes have been made in Conversations Classic 2.2, including:

  • dtmf (foundation) for calls, useful for making calls to public telephone networks
  • Initial implementation of setting reactions to messages (XEP-0444)
  • Added built-in image editor for sending pictures and photographs
  • Possibility to choose multiple messages for copying or forwarding at once, with attached information about the author and date
  • Added “Saved messages” option in the context menu for chatting with yourself
  • Introduced a gesture control for responding (Swipe-to-Reply)
  • Grouping of contacts and conversations by tags
  • Support for the action “Save in loading”
  • Support for multiple selection of messages on the “Share with” screen
  • Action menu output for selected contact with long press in conversation view
  • Option to choose the main color (accent)
  • Setting for automatic download of all files when connected to Wi-Fi
  • Support for “Xep-0061” (Message Replies) with option to switch to reply
  • Improved handling of saved messages
  • Improved display of messages in chat
  • Improved behavior of scroll button at the end of dialogue
  • Enhanced replies to messages with files or images
  • Ability to
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