GitHub Publishes Tool for Tracking Waning Stars

In response to the issue of disappearing “stars” from projects on GitHub, a script called shotstars has been developed to address this concern. GitHub lacks full-time capabilities to inform users about diminishing “stars” in a project, only providing information on adding them. The project, distributed under the GPLV3+ license, is written in Python and offers ready-made assemblies for GNU/Linux, Windows, and Android (Termux).

The concept behind the SHOTSTARS script is simple: users select the repository they wish to track, and the script then parses the stars to detect any changes in their numbers over a user-defined period. It generates a list comparing the previous scanning with the current state. Notably, no registration on GitHub, authorization, or token is necessary for the script to function. It also provides features such as parsing stars with errors and restrictions, result imitation, reports in CLI and HTML formats (including date calculations), and supports projects with up to 6,000 stars (API GITHUB limit of 6K stars/h).

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