Following the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.4 published, Updating the last branch red hat enterprise linux 10.10, which is accompanied by parallel with a branch Rhel 9.x and will be supported at least until 2029. Installation assemblies are prepared for architectures X86_64, S390X (IBM System Z), PPC64le and AARCH64, but available for download only registered users Red Hat Customer Portal (you can also use ISO-images Centos Stream 9 and free assemblies Rhel for developers).

Preparation of new releases Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x is carried out in accordance with the development cycle, which implies the formation of releases once every six months at a predetermined time. Rhel 8.10 was the last release in the 8.x branch, formed at the full support stage, which implies the inclusion of functional improvements. On May 31, 2024, a branch 8.x will be translated to the maintenance stage, at which the priorities will be shifted in the direction of correcting errors and safety, with the introduction of minor improvements associated with the support of important hardware systems.

As in the case of the RHEL 9 branch, the initial texts of RPM packets RHEL 8 are now not distributed publicly through GIT-Ro-Control Centos, but They remain available to the company’s customers through the closed section of the site, which operates the user agreement (EULA), which prohibits data redistribution. The initial texts can be found in the Repository of Centos Stream, but it is not completely synchronized with RHEL and it does not always coincide with RHEL packages. Rocky Linux, Oracle, and Suse combined efforts and reproduce

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