Microsoft Preps Major Update for Windows 11

Windows Insider participants can already evaluate the almost final version of the upcoming large-scale update 24H2. Microsoft Corporation released the assembly of 26100.712 to the channel Release Preview , which means the transition to the final stage of testing and eliminating shortcomings before the general release later this year.

Although the Windows 11 Microsoft era adheres to a model of more frequent, but less voluminous updates, annual autumn releases make more significant changes. The update 24H2 will not be an exception. It includes updated versions of critical systemic components: compiler, OS nucleus and tasks planner. These low-level modifications are designed to improve performance on ARM processors. It is expected that the existing Windows systems on the basis of ARM will observe an increase in the speed of the X86 Applications by 10-20% due to improvements in the PRISM broadcast technology.

The release will also bring a number of innovations noticeable to ordinary users. Among them is the ability to create archives TAR and 7-ZIP directly from the conductor, support for the new Wi-Fi 7 standard, energy-saving mode, improved compatibility with audio equipment based on Bluetooth Low Energy. It will also be possible to launch the Copilot II assistant in ordinary window mode, and not just in the selected area of the screen.

Some of the functions will be exclusive for special Copilot+ PC with increased requirements: 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB on the drive and a productive neuroprocessor with a capacity of at least 40 trillion operations per second. So far, only Snapdragon X Plus and X Elite from Qualcomm possess such characteristics, but the release of compatible solutions from Intel and AMD

is later expected to release compatible solutions.

The main chip 24H2 for Copilot+ computers will be the recall function. It will continuously create pictures of user actions for subsequent reproduction. This causes some concerns in terms of safety, but Microsoft assures that all the information of Recall is reliably encrypted on the disk and is processed exclusively locally by a neuroprocessor without transmission to the cloud. Other capilot+ capabilities include Live Captions for automatic decoding subtitles in video and video calls in real time, as well as generating and improving images.

Together, these changes make 24H2 the largest update of Windows 11 since the release of 22H2 a year and a

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