New Installer Prototype for Gnome OS

In the ongoing efforts to enhance the Gnome OS distribution, developers have begun working on a new installer for Gnome OS in parallel with the translation to use the Systemd-Sysupdate component for atomic system updates. The development of the installer is currently in the initial prototype stage, focusing on interface layouts designed by the GNOME project in April. The main focus at this stage is on determining the general architecture and internal logic of work, including navigation organization and page display procedures for the installation process. The installer is being developed in the Rust language and is licensed under GPL v3.

GNOME OS is an experimental distribution aimed at developers and GNOME contributors, providing an opportunity to explore the desktop environment’s development progress, new features, and test application functionality within GNOME branches. Videos showcasing the initial prototype of the installer for desktop and mobile systems have been released.

Other recent changes within GNOME include the development of an environment with GNOME for read-only mode, new layouts for file opening dialogues, preparation of new symbolic icons for Gnome Software, the option to group notifications for related applications, and the introduction of a new program for viewing YouTube called “disaduct.”

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