Fheroes2 1.1.0 Release: Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Engine Open

Fheroes2 1.1.0 has been released, offering a recreation of the game engine for Heroes of Might and Magic II from scratch. The project is coded in C++ and distributed under the license gplv2. Players will need game resource files from the original Heroes of Might and Magic II game to start playing.

The main updates include:

  • Integrated editor for cards available, requiring additional files from the game “The Price of Loyalty”.
  • New editor icon in the main menu.
  • Cards created in a new format (.FH2M) with an open license.
  • Display of hero movement over all objects on the map.
  • New settings for the “Event” object.
  • New window settings for the adventure map.
  • Improvements to AI behavior on the adventure map.
  • Automated and corrected translations in multiple languages.

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