KDE Releases Gear 24.05

On May 24, the KDE project presented a consolidated update, known as the 24.05 version. This update is the second major release of the application set under the KDE 6 branch and after the transition to using the QT 6 library. The update includes issues of 250 programs, libraries, and plugins. Details about Live gaps with new applications can be found on this page. The new versions of individual applications can be downloaded from the Flathub and Snapcraft catalogs.

The most significant changes in this update include:

  • The addition of 5 new applications:

    • Audex – a program designed for copying tracks from audio CDs.
    • Accessibility Inspector – an interface to identify issues related to limited capabilities in applications.

    • Francis – a program for developing time management skills using the Pomodoro technique, which involves alternating between concentrated work (25 minutes) and short breaks (5 minutes).

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