KDE Frameworks 6.1.0 Released

Approximately six weeks after the release of KDE 6.0, the KDE community announced the publication of kde frameworks 6.1.0. This update brings a restructure and enhancements to the Qt 6 Base Library set and the underlying Runtime components of KDE. The framework consists of 72 libraries, some of which can function independently over Qt, while others are integral components of the KDE software.

Following the trend of monthly updates, the release of KDE frameworks 6.1.0 aims to provide a more predictable schedule for users. Apart from bug fixes and improvements identified after the release of KDE 6.0, the new version introduces several notable features:

  • kDECLARATIVE now includes support for the Android platform and adds dependencies necessary for the QML module. Support for QML_EELEMENT has been removed.
  • kfilemetadata introduces automatic encoding detection for text and support for metadata files like .Mod, .s3M, .xm, and .it. A hash table is utilized to speed up information retrieval based on file types.
  • kguiaddons now allows the recording of keyboard combinations using multiple keys like SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, and ALT. Meta.
  • kiconthemes adds a filter for symbolic icons in kicondialog.
  • kio enhances Systemd support in Scopedprocessrunner and enables Previewjob to display thumbnails for local files. KFILEWIDGET now saves data on recently viewed files and URLs, along with user reactions to SSL errors.
  • kirigami improves element layout in dialogs, expands keyboard navigation options, introduces animation in ColumnView, and adds URL processing in Pushdialoglayer.
  • knewstuff updates the style of dialogs for rewriting requests and includes default sorting based on download count.
  • ktexteditor revamps the save dialogue and utilizes Hinting for precise symbol alignment.
  • kwindowsystem adds support for keyboard shortcuts like Shift, Ctrl, Alt, and Meta.
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