Testing Begins for APT 3.0 Package Manager Interface

The experimental branch of the package management apt 2.9 (Advanced Package Tool) has been released, paving the way for the future stable version of APT 3.0. This new version is set to be integrated into Debian Testing and will be featured in the next major release of Debian. Additionally, it will be added to the package base of Ubuntu. It should be noted that the stabilization of the previous APT 2.7 branch is still ongoing, and the stable production of APT 2.8 is yet to be established for use in Debian 13.

The latest version of APT, apt 2.9, brings some notable changes. User feedback indicates that the package installation process now displays package names with dependencies in a new format. Instead of a continuous list, packages are now separated into sections similar to the “LS” utility with the -c option, with different output blocks highlighted in different colors. Duplicate references to additional or new packages have also been removed.

View image showing the package loading list changes

Furthermore, an announcement has been made regarding the updated version of the rules for package design – Debian Policy This update includes the creation of a separate repository for Non-Free-firmware firmware, permission for the use of hard links in Source-Packages, and regulations on network access restrictions for automatic package assembly in Contrib and Non-Free.

Another significant change is the requirement for packages that automatically start or stop system services to include a Unit file for Systemd, with exceptions only for packages explicitly designed for alternative initialization systems. The support for conventional init scripts in Systemd has been discontinued.

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