Future Spaceships Will Fly in Sunlight

Space travel utilizing solar sails, previously considered only a concept of science fiction, is now becoming a reality. In April, the advanced technology of solar sails will be launched on the Electron Rocket Lab Rocketon missile from the launch complex in Mahia, New Zealand.

NASA, the renowned space agency, is actively involved in numerous projects focused on scientific discovery, aeronautics, astronautics, planetary research, space technologies, and education. Among the most notable NASA missions are Apollo, which successfully landed the first humans on the moon, Voyager, responsible for exploring the outer planets of the solar system, Hubble, famous for capturing groundbreaking images of distant galaxies, and the International Space Station (ISS), serving as an international orbital laboratory.

In addition to its independent endeavors, NASA collaborates with various space agencies worldwide, including the European Space Agency (ESA), Roscosmos, the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA), and others. The overarching objective of NASA is to advance humanity’s knowledge of the Universe and utilize this knowledge for the betterment of mankind.

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