DPRK Hacker Unmasked: Defender of US Honor

More than two years ago, Alejandro Kasseres, known in cyberspace under the pseudonym P4X, embarked on a solo cyber campaign. Working from his home on the coast of Florida, he launched his own programs from a laptop and cloud servers, successfully disabling North Korean websites for over a week. This was in response to attempts by North Korean spies to steal his tools.

The 38-year-old Colombian-American entrepreneur decided to take matters into his own hands to punish the regime of Kim Jong-un for their aggressive actions against American hackers. Despite facing a lack of support from his own government after contacting the FBI, Kasseres felt it was the right decision. Instead of accusations, he garnered interest from US state agencies that offered him cooperation.

Over the following year, Kasseres worked on secret projects with American military agencies, showcasing his methods to top defense and intelligence officials.

Beginning his career at a Pentagon contractor, Kasseres was involved in various cyberspace projects. His developed programs for scanning the dark web became part of the Darpa’s Memex program. This experience led to the founding of Hyperion Gray, a company working with state and private clients. Kasseres actively participated in hacker conferences, presenting on how cloud technologies could enhance attack capabilities.

After proposing a model for quick and targeted cyber campaigns resembling special forces operations, Kasseres met internal bureaucratic obstacles and conservative viewpoints of officials, preventing the idea from being implemented.

Disillusioned with government cooperation, Kasseres now operates openly under his real name, advocating for a more aggressive use of US cyber skills for national security. He believes America should showcase its resolve in defending against foreign attacks and espionage.

Reflecting on his actions, Kasseres stands by his cyber attacks, viewing them as a lesson for international aggressors and his fellow citizens.

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