Network Gateways Palo Alto Vulnerable to 0-Day: Update Awaited

Palo Alto Networks has disclosed a critical zero-day vulnerability in its Pan-SS software, utilized in the software network gateways Globalprotect. This vulnerability, assigned the identifier CVE-2024-3400, poses a severe threat with a CVSS rating of 10.0. It allows an attacker, without undergoing authentication, to execute arbitrary code with Root privileges remotely.

The vulnerability impacts specific versions of Pan-SS, including 11.1.2-H3, 11.0.4-H1, and 10.2.9-H1. While there are currently no patches available, Palo Alto Networks intends to release them by April 14th to address the issue.

Volexity, a company specializing in cyber intelligence and incident response, was credited with discovering and reporting the vulnerability. Palo Alto Networks disclosed that it is aware of several instances where this vulnerability has been exploited in real attacks, although specific information on the attackers remains undisclosed.

As a temporary security measure, the company advises customers with a Threat Prevention subscription to include Threat ID 95187 to safeguard against this threat.

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