Roskomnadzor Launches 2 New Services for Russian Internet Monitoring

On April 10, 2024, Roskomnadzor launched two new services for the Russian Internet segment. The first service is an analogue of Whois and allows you to receive information about the domains used by the IP addresses, postal and web servers.

The second service is a register of targeted -silver resources (RAS) of the Russian Internet segment. It provides information (Whois) about IP addresses and autonomous systems. The Run uses its own databases, as well as data from RIPE (the organization responsible for the distribution of IP addresses in Europe).

Subsystem “Register of targeted-free resources of the Internet” of the Information System for Monitoring and Management of the Communications Network (IS “TsMU SSOP”) is developed for use in state authorities. The Sunrian subsystem is designed to maintain the register of targeted-free resources of the Russian segment of the Internet and automates the maintenance, filling, distribution and provision of these databases of the Sunre.

A year earlier, in April 2023, Roskomnadzor also launched the “Detail Monitoring” – the Russian analogue of the Downdetector service. It monitors the work of more than 150 services and enables users to leave messages about the inoperativeness of Internet services, banking applications and telecom operators, track the stability of their functioning and study the geography of recorded problems.

A special service for specialized specialists was also launched on the portal – Looking Glass, which makes it possible to get information about IP addresses, autonomous systems and optimal traffic routes.

“The key feature of the service is the use of route information directly from all Russian communication operators through the center’s information system. This allows you to receive reliable data on the route to the network of interest from any Russian operator,” the GRChz said, noting that the data Provided in real time.

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