The release of the latest version of the anonymous network i2p 2.5.0 and c++-client i2pd 2.51.0 has been announced. I2P is a multilayer anonymous distributed network that operates on top of the regular Internet, utilizing end-to-end encryption to ensure anonymity and isolation. The network functions in a peer-to-peer mode and is created by the resources provided by its users, eliminating the need for centralized servers.

Users on the I2P network can anonymously create websites and blogs, send instant messages and emails, exchange files, and establish P2P networks. I2P clients are used to build and utilize these anonymous networks for various applications. The primary i2p client is written in Java and is compatible with multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Solaris. I2PD, on the other hand, is an independent implementation of the I2P client in C++ distributed under the modified BSD license.

The latest version includes several updates and improvements:

  • The i2psnark Bittorrent Client now supports searching for torrent files and has improved compatibility with other Bittorrent clients like Biglybt and QBittorrent.
  • The mail client Susimail has added the ability to format email content with markdown and support for attaching files by dragging and dropping them.
  • Tunnels created using the hidden service manager now have support for the Keepalive mechanism, enhancing performance.
  • The NetDB database, used to detect nodes on the I2P network, has improved spam protection.
  • The router has enhancements for blocking suspicious messages.
  • Improved assembly formation for Android and Windows.
  • Implementation of new RTT, RTO, and sliding window calculation algorithms in I2PD, as well as added overload indication. SOCKS-Proxy now involves SOCKS5 instead of SOCKS4. New implementations for re-sending packets, a shipping buffer, a sliding window, timeouts, and overload management for the SSU2 transport protocol.
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