Japanese Companies Warn of Dangers of Generative AI Development

On Monday, the Japanese telecommunication company NTT, together with the Yomiuri Shimbun media holding, published a report on the dangers associated with the development of generative AI. According to the report, experts have warned that in the worst case scenario, a collapse of democracy and social order could occur. There is even a possibility of military conflicts arising. (source)

NTT and Yomiuri Shimbun explained, “If generative AI is allowed to develop uncontrollably, it could seriously erode trust in society. People may begin to view each other with suspicion, and there would be a lack of reliability in information verification.”

Researchers have pointed out that with the widespread access to the Internet, there is also widespread access to AI models that vary in accuracy.

Since the fall of 2023, NTT and Yomiuri Shimbun have been exploring various approaches to regulate the progress of generative AI. They acknowledge in their document that it is too late to abandon generative AI as it would result in decreased performance in many areas. Therefore, regulatory measures will be necessary to protect key aspects of society such as democratic elections and national security.

NTT and Yomiuri Shimbun are proposing teaching students about the advantages and risks of AI, updating legislation on intellectual property, and requiring authors to label original content. Unlike the EU, Japan does not yet have a state policy regarding data in AI, so the companies aim to introduce “soft rules” to determine areas of responsibility for various parties involved.

Additionally, researchers recommend using multiple AI models to control and constrain each other, allowing users to compare results and not rely on a single product.

Despite the enthusiasm for AI among major tech companies, there is a skeptical attitude towards generative AI. Singtel, a telecom giant, recently partnered with NVIDIA to expand specialized AI infrastructure in Southeast Asia, supporting the promotion of AI by Jensen Juanne.

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