China, DPRK AI Diplomacy Fuels Discord in USA Pre-Election

In new reports, Microsoft Threat Analysis Center provides information on how China and North Korea use advanced technologies and social networks to achieve their military and political goals.

Chinese hackers, collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), utilize fake accounts on social networks to pose provocative questions about controversial internal issues in the United States. This helps them gain insight into the concerns shared by American voters, especially leading up to the US presidential election.

China is ramping up efforts to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to create content that aims to influence and incite discord not only within the United States but also in other regions globally. Topics include incidents such as a railway disaster in Kentucky, forest fires in Maui, disposal of Japanese radioactive wastewater, drug usage in the USA, migration policies, and racial tensions.

On the other hand, North Korea has intensified its cyber operations to steal cryptocurrencies, attack supply chains to finance military objectives, and gather intelligence. The country is placing a significant focus on utilizing AI to enhance the efficiency of these operations.

The report highlights several key points:

  • The Chinese strategy involves using AI to create and disseminate content aimed at influencing the global community. Examples include accusations against the United States for alleged deliberate arson and other destabilizing actions.
  • The use of AI by China and North Korea represents a new era in cyber warfare, where traditional methods are combined with advanced technologies.
  • North Korea is expected to continue its operations to steal cryptocurrencies and target supply chains to fund its military programs.

The outlook for the future indicates that China will continue to experiment with using AI-generated content to further its interests, while North Korea will bolster its cyber operations to support military initiatives.

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