Apple Releases Code for MacOS 14.4 Components

Apple has released the source texts of low-level system components of the operating system MacOS 14.4 (sonoma) on their opensource website. These source texts contain free software, including components of Darwin and other non-GUI related programs and libraries. The release includes a total of 172 packages with source texts, with GNUDIFF and LIBSTDCXX packages from the MacOS 13 branch being removed.

Among the components released is XNU, the original texts of which are available in the form of code snippets related to the upcoming MacOS release. XNU is part of the Darwin open project and serves as a hybrid core incorporating the Mach core, components from FreeBSD, and C++ API IOKIT project for driver development.

In addition to the MacOS release, Apple has also published open components used in the iOS 17.4 mobile platform. The release includes two packages – Webkit and Libiconv.

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